Do you feel ALIVE?

I am incredibly excited to introduce you to the Vive Detox, a comprehensive detox program designed to safely and effectively cleanse and restore your body to optimal health and functioning. Basically, this is your reset button to losing weight, kicking ass and taking names without starvation. BAM.

The Vive detoxes are a specially formulated cleanse programs based in nutritional and biochemical science. They are comprised of a nutrition food plan and Pure Encapsulations supplements, the highest quality clinically researched supplements available to support you in your goal to detox, build immunity or lose weight. The nutritional component of the Vive Detox is a success proven method of eliminating genetically modified, allergenic and toxic food substances from your diet in order optimize digestion, absorption and assimilation. Each program is fully guided throughout, with day-by-day instructions, videos and challenges, as well as ongoing online support. Vive also draws its inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine, where Qi [chee], our life force, is tonified and organs are nourished to create balance and harmony within.

The Detox Programs:

Each Vive program contains these supplements:

  • A protein shake from a unique blend of vegetarian rice, pea and chia proteins packed with omegas, acai and green coffee extract
  • A natural fiber powder for enhancing satiety and digestive health
  • 30 day supply of comprehensive multi-vitamins packets stacked with EPA/DHA’s, minerals, fish oils and amino acids
  • 10 Billion CFU per capsule advanced Probiotics
  • Specialized supplements according to the goal of the program: Weight Loss, Detox or Immune Boosting


Reveal: “I feel bloated, heavy, tired and want to lose a few pounds”

The Reveal Detox is the Vive program for those of you who want to look, feel and be healthier while learning new food techniques to lose weight. In the Reveal program we use targeted Pure Encapsulations supplements aimed at boosting metabolism, burning fat and optimizing digestion. You graduate the program feeling lighter, tighter and more energetic.


Rejuvenate: “I feel gross and toxic, I’ve gone through a lot lately and need to cleanse my body”

The Rejuvenate Detox is for those of us who have gone through a long standing illness, partied way too hard, been on an unhealthy kick or just feel the need to detox their body. In the Rejuvenate program we target the Liver and GI Tract to eliminate toxins, support glutathione synthesis and promote gastric, colon and liver cell functions. You graduate the Rejuvenate program feeling lighter, with less fatigue and your body is back to healing itself with a stronger, more supported Liver.


Revive: “I keep getting sick! I always feel under the weather and feel like my immunity is in the gutter”

The Revive Detox is scientifically targeted at promoting the body’s natural defenses while eliminating potential allergens in your diet and lifestyle. Revive teaches you how to eat, what to eat and when to eat so that you are keeping your diet clean while building a powerful foundation for overall health by supporting immune system function. When you graduate the Revive program you will feel stronger, less susceptible to illness, lighter and have more energy.

These ultra empowering 14-day programs are all about choices: choices in what we eat, how we move, what we think and the way we live. They build new habits and educate on healthier food choices that become a part of our permanent routine to continue healing and weight loss long after your detox is done. It takes 21 days to support your body in making a new life pattern, at the end of the Vive Detox you will have completed 14 days towards your new health blueprint. You will feel lighter, cleaner, happier, sleep better and have more energy plus be two thirds the way to solidifying your health blueprint. Make the commitment to yourself, your body, mind and spirit and start on your road to optimal healing today!

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